How You Can Help

Your donation to the Food Bank Association will increase the amount of food and resources flowing to the state's food banks, and educate the public about the severe impact of hunger on so many people in need. Hunger is all around us. Help us put an end to this solvable problem by making a contribution or getting involved in other ways today.

Make a Monetary Donation

The Food Bank Association is constantly seeking new sources of food and new partnerships with businesses, trade groups, and farms. Similarly, the Association is constantly on the move: speaking across the state, advocating, seeking new sources of food, and spreading the word about hunger prevention and nutrition. Your contribution helps us in our advocacy and mission to obtain more food for those in need.

Donate Food

Every time you go to the grocery store, buy extra food and donate these items to your local food bank. Or, if you work in an industry that can make large donations such as food production and manufacturing, transportation/trucking, farming, restaurants, or retail industry call us, we can arrange pick-up of donations - large or small. (Please see our donation page and the various donation projects underway).


There are countless ways to volunteer your time to end hunger - volunteer at a soup kitchen, help sort food at your local food bank, donate food, write a letter to your local legislator advocating for food and nutrition programs or call your local food bank - they are always in need of help.